Bosch Freestanding Refrigerator KGN-36VL35G 324 Litre

Bosch Freestanding Refrigerator KGN-36VL35G 324 Litre

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Bosch KGN36VL35G

The Bosch KGN36VL35Gis a high-performance fridge-freezer with many useful features to keep your groceries fresh and bacteria-free. Wi-Fi connectivity makes the Bosch KGN36VL35G compatible with Home Connect, allowing you to check your fridge's contents on the go, see if the fridge door has been left open and the Home Connect app gives you helpful advice on where to keep your food and at what temperatures.

Super Freezing

Super Freezing prevents frozen food from defrosting when adding new food to the freezer, extremely handy for when you have just done your weekly shop and need to quickly freeze your fresh items, helping to preserve nutrients and taste. The automatic freezing function returns the freezer to normal operation once the optimum temperature is reached to save energy.


Fan assisted multi airflow creates even, gentle currents of cold air to circulate the fridge freezer. The temperature will be more stable, fluctuate less and your food items will freeze and cool more quickly, retaining their flavor for longer.