Masil Fireproof Safe BS-D610

Masil Fireproof Safe BS-D610

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Protect the valuable things against fire & burglary with effect.
It can use at home, office, school, hospital, and various kinds of places at their use. 
It has different certifications for its quality.
It could install various kinds of Locks (key, combination dial lock & digital lock) according to the needs of the customer.


Overall dimensions Internal dimensions Others
Height: 610mm/ 2ft Height: 422mm/  1ft 4.61 in  Weight: 85kg/ 187lbs
Width: 450mm/ 1ft 5.72 in Width: 322mm/ 1ft 0.68 in Passed one hour fire rating
Depth: 460mm/ 1ft 6.11 in Depth: 310mm/ 1ft 0.2 in

 One piece drawer, one shelve