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The MOPOWER 900VA/12V pure sine wave inverter is an entry level capacity inverter to meet some basic power back-up needs of a home or office: some light points, fans and few other appliances (see load estimate below). The 900va MOPOWER inverter is a 12V inverter, which means that it uses a battery bank of one 12v battery. The 200Ah battery capacity is recommended.


The Mopower 900va/12v Falcon inverter is an advanced technology equipment, trusted for durable service. Even this small Mopower inverter unit offers a lot of value to bring huge lifestyle benefits to you. Here’s some of what you enjoy with this 900va Mopower inverter:

  • High surge withstand capability (up to 300%)
  • Provides pure sine wave power output (100% pure) – purer than power from grid (great for your sensitive equipment)
  • Fast switch-over: for the computer to run uninterrupted during power cuts, without rebooting.
  • Provides extra long back-up for computers
  • Space Saver – ideal for modern day households.
  • Smart overloading sensing mechanism and short circuit protection with high surge withstand
  • Aesthetically designed to blend into your upscale living environment.
  • LED display to aid monitoring of performance
  • Saves 40% electricity bills


Estimated Load Capacity

  • 1 small Television unit
  • 2 Fans
  • 3 Light Points
  • 1 VCD
  • 1 DSTV Decoder or Sound System