Powermatic P6C Power protection

Powermatic P6C Power protection

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Powermatic adaptor Protection with UK & 2 pin sockets type.
For equipment Like: Refrigerator, Freezer, Water Cooler, Washing Machine and other elctric machines & tools.

Powermatic P6C - Microprocessor based adaptor dedicated to provide comprehensive Monitoring of electricity before reaching your Home appliances and prevent disturbances reaching them. The innovative software embedded in Powermatic makes it capable of detecting ‘Electrical Sparks’ resulting from Loose Connections which can seriously damage Home Appliances and causes fire accidents and even detects unstable supply from standby generator. These unique features give Powermatic P6C uniqueness among other available power protection devices in the market. When disturbance is detected Powermatic  P6C automatically disconnects supply, keeps monitoring and reconnects only after predetermined time of  3 minutes to ensure continual supply of quality power. 

Powermatic P6C  is fully automatic, very compact & cost effective

• Compact, microprocessor based 
• Detect 7 Types of disturbances
• Easy to install, Direct Plug-in to Power socket
• Start-up Delay Time 3 minutes
• Safeguard from unstable operation of standby Generator
• Senses Arc resulting from loose connection to minimize the risk of fire
• Conform to SASO, SONCAP, Kuwait Requirements for Electrical Appliances