Powermatic Protector P30C

Powermatic Protector P30C

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The microprocessor based Power Protection device with smart timer to protect Single Phase loads containing compressor from 7 types of Power Disturbances. Each time before reconnecting the main power to the load, the Smart Timer of Powermatic P30C ensures minimum of 3 minutes as wait time to avoid the breakdown of the cooling compressors and motors in case of immediate starting after short power interruptions.

Example: If the duration of interruption is 1 minute, Powermatic P30C will reconnect the main power supply within 2 minutes, whereas if within 1 minute, the duration of interruption is 2 minutes.

Powermatic P30C as part of the Powermatic models is also the only Power Protection device in the market that can successfully detect ‘Electrical Spark’ due to Loose Connections which minimizes the risk of fires and detect the unstable operation of Standby generators.

Powermatic P30C is easy to install, compact, cost effective and, has fast response time within one cycle interruption.